Commercial Photo Gallery

equipment drying room, baseboards removed

Woodbury Learning Center and Water Damage Mitigation

The SERVPRO team arrived very soon after the call to vacuum up any water remaining on the carpet in this Woodbury learning center room. The drying equipment can remove the excess dampness and water vapor to mitigate any secondary water damage. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

3 dehus, toy, panels against the walls

Woodbury Daycare Center and Water Damage

The leak from the tap wet the carpet in this Woodbury pre-school structure, requiring some water extraction and drying. The SERVPRO equipment is finishing up the service, and then the remodeling can continue since we prevented water damage from wicking up the sheetrock walls.

water puddles on floor, carpet, desk with chair

Cottage Grove Office Water Removal

The burst pipe meant a drenched office in this Cottage Grove building. With a rapid response from our SERVPRO team, we can mitigate the water damage by quickly extracting the pooling water from the carpeting. We also move the chair and other items to prevent water damage.

pumps in a plant, flooding on concrete pad

Woodbury Pump House Leak

Management at this Woodbury facility contacted SERVPRO to remove the standing water caused by failed pump elements. The understanding of preventing mold infestations and hazardous conditions made for a wise choice. We can complete the drying process with an antimicrobial agent.

poly containment barrier in a warehouse, high ceilings

Mold Remediation in a Woodbury Warehouse

When water seepage resulted in mold colonization, the client in this Woodbury warehouse immediately called SERVPRO. We can erect containment barriers to limit the circulation of mold spores, protecting stored contents, and then start the removal of the fungi. Doing it right, does matter!

water reflecting ceiling lights in a flooded office area, chairs stacked on side

Woodbury Office Flooding

The broken water line flooded this office suite in Woodbury. Our SERVPRO crew arrived quickly, moved furnishings out of harm's way, and proceeded to suction out the standing water. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.