Water Damage Photo Gallery

Two SERVPRO air movers drying water damaged flooring

What Equipment Is Used For Water Damage Drying

Our SERVPRO teams utilizes both air movers and dehumidifiers for most water damage depending on the severity and other damages caused. 

How Air Movers Work

The number one goal to water damage restoration cleanup is to reduce the amount of excess moisture and water. This not only prevents mold growth but prevents any additional damage taking place. Air movers work to speed up the evaporation process, getting your home back to its original state sooner!

removed wall section and wood planks, showing concrete pad

Controlled Water Damage Demolition in Cottage Grove

The Photo shows the precise demolition cuts made by our SERVPRO team during the early stages of this water damage cleanup and restoration in Cottage Grove. We salvaged most of the engineered wood flooring and drywall. Our neat work expedited the reconstruction while keeping the cost minimal.

opened ceiling, plastic sheeting, white bookcase

Woodbury Ceiling Leak

The ceiling leak occurred from a frozen pipe in the attic. The soaking was extensive, and our SERVPRO team tore out the damaged ceiling material and set up plastic to increase the speed of the drying process for mitigating the water damage.

two drying mats, pump and yellow bucket and hoses

Woodbury Water Removal Services

The pictured drying mats are hooked up to a yellow bucket to receive the siphoned water from the hardwood flooring. This water clean up mitigates the damage to the flooring by using advanced equipment.

water stains on old carpet, waterlogged wall

Woodbury Water Damaged Bedroom

The base heater leaked water and soaked the wall and the carpet in this Woodbury bedroom. SERVPRO can remove the lower section of the wall, and the water damaged carpet and discard it as requested by the customer.

water pooling on carpet in a hallway

Woodbury Water Problem

The visible standing water on this carpet in an office in Woodbury can be salvaged with a swift extraction. SERVPRO can arrive and immediately begin to suction out the water and set up drying equipment to preserve all building materials, including the carpeting. We can help.

visible water damage to ceiling, fan blade visible

Newport Water Damaged Ceiling

The water line ruptured and soaked the ceiling sheetrock in this Newport home. Our SERVPRO crew can remove the hazardous, water-logged material and then dry and treat the exposed attic crawl area. We can help.