Fire Damage Photo Gallery

charcoal burned cabinet and hood in kitchen

Cottage Grove Fire in the Kitchen

The grease fire charred the hood, back wall, upper cabinets and the gas range in this Cottage Grove home. The goal of our SERVPRO crew is to remove the burnt coatings and refinish the wood to prevent replacement.

inside room, burned, debris all over

House Fire in Woodbury

The fire damage is obvious after the firefighters have extinguished this blaze in a Woodbury property. SERVPRO can begin the fire and water damage (from the extinguishing) when given the okay from the fire marshal to enter the burned structure.

sooty coating on wall below window

Fire Damaged Wall in Woodbury

The sooty damage on the wall above a base heater occurred in a Woodbury rental unit. SERVPRO provides property managers with a rapid response to mitigate the fire damage; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

sooty film on white walls and ceiling and stained trim work

Puff Back Creates Smoke Damage in Cottage Grove

The film of petroleum-based soot leaves a sticky mess on surfaces upon settling. Most homeowners try to wipe away the dirty coating only to discover the smearing has created an even larger problem. Call us at our SERVPRO office to inspect, cleanup up the soot, and deodorize your home.

charred wiring in attic, black sheathing

Cottage Grove Fire Damage

The fire damaged the electrical wiring in this Cottage Grove attic crawlspace. SERVPRO takes precautions to remove the damaged material and then to dry ice blast the charred surfaces. More work to come before spraying a fire and odor-reducing primer.

runny, sooty black film on tiled wall behind a bathtub

Cottage Grove Fire and Soot Cleanup

The fire left sticky, residual soot in this bathtub enclosure. Our SERVPRO team arrived promptly at this Cottage Grove house to remove the soilings and to place equipment for removing the pungent odors. Luckily, wiping down hard surfaces like tile and porcelain requires no refinishing.