Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Woodbury Basement Water Restoration

The Before Photo shows a water-damaged semi-finished basement in a Woodbury home. The gray water from the leaking washing machine was not noticed for several da... READ MORE

Water-soaked Carpet in a Woodbury Bedroom

The leak from the adjoining bathroom soaked portions of this carpet in a Woodbury bedroom. The unkempt room's belongings were either relocated to a dry room dur... READ MORE

Water Clean-Up in Woodbury

The pine hardwood flooring suffered water damage caused by a burst pipe. Our SERVPRO team responded swiftly; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, to begin the wat... READ MORE

Demolition in Woodbury--Water Damage

The first photo shows the damaged drywall has already been "flood cut" from the wall revealing the exterior cinder block. The steam baseboard heater ruptured an... READ MORE

Pressured Water Damages a Lauderdale Bathroom

The Before Photo shows an orange wall soaked with water from a leak in the supply line. The subflooring, below the linoleum covering, was also wet from the leak... READ MORE

Big Water Leak in Woodbury

The cupped hardwood floor planks in this Woodbury residence resulted from an unfortunate circumstance. The kitchen dishwasher pressurized water line sprung a le... READ MORE